A Dental Crown Can Restore a Tooth

There are many types of dental restorations, including dental crowns. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. At our dental office, we provide tooth-colored, aesthetic dental crowns. Dr. Mark Andrews may recommend a dental crown in Kirkland, Washington, to: - Support a tooth that has a... read more »

Fractured Tooth Enamel Might Need a Crown Restoration

A large chip or fracture in one of your teeth can prove to be more than just an inconvenience. In time, the damaged enamel can start to trap bacteria and food particles, causing a new area of tooth decay to form. Small fractures and chips can sometimes be repaired by a filling. If the fracture compromises a significant amount of... read more »

We Can Restore Your Compromised Tooth by Installing a Crown

While advanced tooth decay is the most common reason why Dr. Mark Andrews recommends installing a crown, there are other reasons that could come into play. If one of your teeth is deeply chipped, cracked, or fractured, the enamel layer could be so compromised that it would invite future complications if it is not adequately restored. A crown is basically... read more »