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“Ken Kisch Outdoor Photography”

dr resizedMy photography has always been important to me as a way to share with others the wonders of the natural world. In particular, the Cascade Mountains with its alpine lakes, granite rocks, snow and ice, dramatic weather and solitude feel important for me to communicate. Exercise along with my photography passion is a perfect combination. I find myself hiking in several miles, with pounds of essentials and camera gear like my three pound work horse lens, to bring back cherished images.

Photography has been my passion since 1974 when I bought my first camera, a Minolta SRT101. In the eighties I climbed in the Cascade Mountains, Alaska and Chile with my Minolta around my neck all the time.

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My photography has received Honorable Mention award in “Celebration of Trees” exhibit, April, 2014 at the A/NT Gallery in Seattle. I have exhibited my images at the annual Sammamish Art Fair 2010-2017. My photos have appeared in the Seattle Times, Issaquah Press, Redmond Reporter, Mei magazine, Signpost magazine, APDA Pathfinder magazine, a book cover and various websites.

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I am a Washington native and a longtime resident of greater Seattle. I am a retired software engineer for the Boeing Company. With me on my journey have been my great wife and two children.

Ken A. Kisch