The Safest Smiles are Possible with Oral Cancer Screenings

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As with most types of cancer, an early discovery is crucial in ensuring the best possible chance of recovery. Thus it is a must to visit your dentist for oral cancer screenings as soon or even before you begin to notice signs of anything in your dental profile.

The safest smiles are possible with oral cancer screenings. Here are some questions to ask yourself and symptoms to check for:

– Do you ever have difficulties eating or speaking, or have your teeth shifted out of position?
– Are you feeling any strange pain, numbness or total loss of feeling in your ears, head, face, mouth, or neck?
– Baffling weight loss and persistent sore throats could be signs of oral cancer.
– Make sure to check your inner gums for white, speckled, or deep red patches.
– Stay alert when looking for any irregular bumps, lumps, rashes, or swelling in your mouth.
– Keep your eyes peeled for signs of unusual bleeding that occurs that cannot be easily explained.

If you suffer from symptoms of oral cancer, contact Mark Andrews, D.D.S. at 425-821-8100 to schedule an oral cancer screening. To schedule an oral examination with Dr. Mark Andrews and our team at our dentist office in Kirkland, Washington, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Let us help you get a whiter, brighter smile today!