Seal Off Your Molars From Bacteria

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Many people find that the biting surfaces of their back teeth possess deeply textured areas within the enamel. While this is normal, it can be a health concern if brushing routinely fails to remove food particles and plaque from this area, keeping bacteria trapped and eventually leading to tooth decay. The cavities that result from this situation can be large and necessitate equally big fillings. Over time, large dental fillings can lead to other dental problems.

To help prevent current and future dental problems, our dentist might recommend that you receive dental sealants to protect the biting surfaces of your back teeth from bacteria. Dental sealants are created with a durable, plastic resin that is painted onto the biting surfaces of each molar and premolar following the completion of your routine dental checkup.

Using a special ultraviolet light, we will harden the resin so that when plaque and food particles come into contact with the occlusal surfaces, the dental sealants effectively prevent bacteria from directly reaching the tooth enamel and invading the tooth that way.

The durability of dental sealants allows them to protect the biting surfaces of your back teeth for many years. Because the material is so resilient, it won’t wear away when you brush your teeth. Keep in mind, though, that you will still need to brush and floss teeth that have received dental sealants.

If you are concerned about how to prevent cavities on back teeth, we invite you to call Mark Andrews, D.D.S. at 425-821-8100 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist. Dr. Mark Andrews can help you determine if you would benefit from dental sealants in Kirkland, Washington.