Partial Dentures Can Help Restore Your Smile

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At our office, we offer partial dentures for our clients in Kirkland, Washington wanting to replace their missing teeth. Our partial dentures have helped patients with missing teeth who still have some natural teeth in their upper or lower jaw to chew and speak with ease again.

In a nutshell, partial dentures are replacement teeth. They are connected to a plastic base which is shaded to look like your gums. These dentures attach to the teeth with clasps on a metal framework or connectors known as precision attachments which look natural. Sometimes your remaining teeth ensure the best fit with the help of dental crowns to cap them.

To achieve and maintain optimal performance, your partial denture will need to be cared for at home and adjusted in office. Our dentist will provide you with instructions on caring for your dentures. Periodic checkups and adjustments make sure that the dentures adjust to changes in your mouth that occur with age. Over time, jaw bone and gum ridges tend to recede and shrink, which affects your denture fit, and poorly-fitting dentures can leave you with oral sores and inflamed gums.

If your dentures ever feel loose, you can give us a call and we will get you in for an adjustment. If your partial denture ever cracks, chips, or breaks, please come in and have it taken care of professionally. Over-the-counter glues contain toxic chemicals which you don’t want in your mouth! We are always here to help you ensure healthy denture fit.

To restore your healthy smile, we invite you to come in and speak with our dentist about your options. Partial dentures can get help you speak and chew with confidence again. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist by calling 425-821-8100 today. Dr. Mark Andrews and our team are here to assist you!