Does Your Child Suck their Thumb?

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Depending on the intensity of your child’s thumb sucking habits, they can cause dental and even oral problems related to the teeth, mouth, and possibly the jaw. Our dental team at Mark Andrews, D.D.S. want to help you to stop this habit at least by the time they turn four years old.

As an acceptable habit while they’re young, it comforts children at a young age perhaps because they did it while in the womb or if there is something causing stress, sucking their thumb acts as a coping mechanism.

Almost every infant is comforted by a pacifier, so try to keep your child on the pacifier for a while and then ease them out of using it. As your child gets older, encourage them to stop and give them praise. Another method is giving them a goal and rewarding them when they have reached it. Cover their thumb with a bitter substance recommended by the dentist or with a cloth/bandage.

Speak with your dentist some of the best ways to stop, and let them speak to your child about the consequences of thumb sucking. One last resort appointed by the dentist may be an appliance in the mouth to stop their thumb sucking.

When the permanent teeth start to come in, this is when it’s a crucial time to stop this habit. Call Dr. Mark Andrews and his associates at 425-821-8100 to schedule a consultation or appointment today. Mark Andrews, D.D.S. here in Kirkland, Washington, want to prevent any damage resulting from thumb sucking today.