Does Soda Hurt Your Teeth?

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These days, it seems like just about everything we grew up eating is bad for us in one way or another. Or, some things we thought were bad are now seen as good.

But there is one constant among the changing effects diets have on our health – soda isn’t good for your teeth. It’s been proven to have negative effects on oral health, but people still drink it by the gallon.

If you’re unsure as to exactly how soda hurts your teeth, then let’s take a deeper look at just what it does.

Say goodbye to enamel
Enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth. It’s what protects the dentin – the living bundle of nerves, blood vessels, and tissue inside your teeth. Without enamel, our teeth would basically fall apart.

Soda is so acidic that it actually eats away at your enamel faster than your body can repair it. A soda every now and then won’t kill your oral health, but regularly drinking too much soda will do a lot to make your enamel weak.

Infection risk
By weakening your enamel, you also run the risk of increasing susceptibility to infection. Enamel protects the living part of your tooth, remember? And if it can’t effectively protect all of it, then you’re opening your teeth up to potential infection.

We know soda tastes great, and we all love one every now and then. The key is to not make it a habit, and your teeth will thank you. To learn more, contact Dr. Mark Andrews today at 425-821-8100.