Detect Oral Cancer Early With Routine Dental Visits

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Your routine dental checkup serves a very important role in maintaining a lifetime of excellent oral health. After our dental team meticulous cleans and polishes your smile to remove staining and plaque, our dentist will examine the oral tissues and teeth to screen for early signs of oral problems, including the presence of oral or throat cancer. By performing dental exams, we can detect the earliest stages of oral cancer and treat it as soon as possible.

The American Dental Association has found that 1 in 92 adults in America will experience oral cancer in some form, and while it is more likely to affect patients age 60s and older, risk factors such as tobacco use and a family history of cancer can cause some patients to develop cancer earlier in life.

It is crucial that you notify Dr. Mark Andrews as soon as you can if you suspect you have any symptoms of oral cancer, including swelling, chronic mouth pain, or a lump in the cheek. Symptoms of throat cancer include a chronic sore throat and feeling like an object is stuck in the throat.

Please feel free to call Mark Andrews, D.D.S. at 425-821-8100 today if you have concerns about oral cancer and would like to schedule a dental checkup with our dentist. We would be happy to provide further information regarding oral cancer prevention in Kirkland, Washington.