Dental Veneers as the Solution to Your Smile

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One distraction that others may not notice but you see in your smile every day is a discolored, chipped, misshapen, or stained front tooth. One way to fix a flaw in your smile is having your dentist install a dental veneer! This will give you brighter, restored teeth where you can feel confident and show off you smile. Here in Kirkland, Washington, our dental team at Mark Andrews, D.D.S. wants to give you the dental care you need today for a better smile tomorrow.

A veneer covers your natural tooth, providing strength and a resisting factor against stains and decay. It is a thin piece of porcelain specifically designed to your wants and needs. The first step you need to take is scheduling a consultation with your dentist to determine which course of action is best for your smile.

Your dentist will typically start by first determining what color and shape will go best with your smile. If needed until the veneer is made, a temporary one may be placed on your tooth. When your veneer is ready to be placed, your dentist will scrape off a small amount of the front tooth, then clean and dry it. An adhesive will then be placed and the veneer will be put on top, cured with a special ultraviolet light, and then polished.

Any excess material will be removed to give you your final veneer. Be sure to schedule a checkup with Dr. Mark Andrews and our dental professionals. Call us at 425-821-8100 for a consultation or appointment today, and let us help you get your best smile yet!