A Dental Bridge Can Be Used to Replace a Knocked Out Tooth

A hard blow to the face from a sports injury or a hard fall can sometimes carry enough force to damage your lip, cheek, or gums. In a severe case the oral trauma could knock a tooth completely out of the socket or cause it to fracture at the gumline. If the damage is too… Read more »

Dental Veneers as the Solution to Your Smile

One distraction that others may not notice but you see in your smile every day is a discolored, chipped, misshapen, or stained front tooth. One way to fix a flaw in your smile is having your dentist install a dental veneer! This will give you brighter, restored teeth where you can feel confident and show… Read more »

The Safest Smiles are Possible with Oral Cancer Screenings

As with most types of cancer, an early discovery is crucial in ensuring the best possible chance of recovery. Thus it is a must to visit your dentist for oral cancer screenings as soon or even before you begin to notice signs of anything in your dental profile. The safest smiles are possible with oral… Read more »

Understanding More About Cavities

Cavities are damage to the tooth when tooth decay has harmed the tooth enamel or internal dentin. They are essentially holes in the teeth that create toothaches and sensitivity. They usually develop when you fail to take good care of your smile. This means you don’t properly brush, floss, and rinse, and you also fail… Read more »

A Tooth With a Missing Dental Filling Might Need to Be Treated with a Dental Crown

A dental filling is commonly used to repair a small filling or a chipped area of tooth enamel. They are typically bonded in place with enough integrity to last for many years. However, inconsistent oral hygiene practices and the passage of time can gradually start to weaken a dental filling’s relationship to the surrounding tooth… Read more »

Does Your Child Suck their Thumb?

Depending on the intensity of your child’s thumb sucking habits, they can cause dental and even oral problems related to the teeth, mouth, and possibly the jaw. Our dental team at want to help you to stop this habit at least by the time they turn four years old. As an acceptable habit while they’re… Read more »

A Loose Bridge Needs to Be Examined by a Dentist

Bridge restorations are typically secured in the mouth with a strong dental-grade cement. This is meant to hold them firm through the course of the daily rigors of chewing and grinding food. Yet there are times when a blow to the face, an oral emergency, or a bacterial complication from gum disease can potentially weaken… Read more »

A Fluoride Treatment and Fluoride Supplements Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can sometimes be caused by weakened tooth enamel. Poor oral hygiene and acidic foods and beverages can cause the microscopic pores on the surfaces of your teeth to expand. When this happens, it can expose the sensitive dentin layer to the shock caused by hot, cold, sweet or acidic things. One of the… Read more »

Sleep and Your Oral Health: What You Should Know

You may already know that exercising regularly is important if you’re hoping to stay strong and healthy. For example, you probably know that exercising and following a well-balanced diet are important steps you should take. You might also understand that you should try to get the right amount of sleep every night, but have you… Read more »

A Temporary Crown Needs Mindful Care

Dental restorations that call for having a dental crown installed typically require two separate appointments. The first treatment session will involve removing the entire tooth enamel layer, leaving behind a small pillar of dentin, which is known as an abutment. This will eventually anchor your new crown into place. While our off-site dental lab technician… Read more »