Are Dental Veneers the Superstar Dental Service You’ve Been Waiting For?

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Is your mouth on the cusp of greatness but still lacks the pizazz to truly put it over the top into dental superstardom? Are your teeth a single stain or discoloration away from being considered in the running for smile of the year or greatest teeth on earth? Even if your teeth are not even close to those standards, you can still reach out and achieve them with dental veneers.

Are dental veneers the superstar dental service you’ve been waiting for? Consider the following:

TRUE or FALSE: Dental veneers can restore broken teeth.
– This is false. Dental veneers cannot be used if there is not enough enamel left on a tooth, or if the tooth is too far damaged to support the veneers. In these cases, a dental crown could be a much more likely alternative.

How tough are dental veneers?
– The normal lifespan of veneers is approximately one decade, but with proper care and maintenance, they can last up to a decade and a half.

TRUE or FALSE: Dental veneers do not replace teeth.
– This is true. Dental veneers are thin, extremely durable shells that are connected to the fronts of your preexisting teeth for an aesthetically pleasing look that can conceal discolorations, minor curvatures, stains, cracks, and other various flaws in your teeth.

What are some of the advantages dental veneers can offer?
– Dental veneers vastly transform the look of your smile, enhance your self-image, and provide you with a natural looking surface to your teeth that is much harder to stain than normal teeth are.

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