Understanding More About Cavities

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Cavities are damage to the tooth when tooth decay has harmed the tooth enamel or internal dentin. They are essentially holes in the teeth that create toothaches and sensitivity. They usually develop when you fail to take good care of your smile. This means you don’t properly brush, floss, and rinse, and you also fail to visit Dr. Mark Andrews regularly.

Many people think children’s smiles are the only smiles that can suffer from tooth decay; that’s not the case. Adults and seniors can have cavities if they’re not careful. Seniors suffer from cavities because the tooth decay attacks the enamel around their fillings. They are also likely to have cavities because they didn’t usually care for their smiles in their younger years.

When you have a cavity, you can typically tell because you have a toothache or tooth sensitivity. You can also tell if you feel or see a hole in your tooth. Usually, though, Dr. Mark Andrews detects the decay at your regular appointments.

If you have a cavity, there is no need to worry. It can be treated in many ways. First, your dentist can use an amalgam or composite dental filling if the cavity is small. If it’s a little bigger, your dentist can repair the tooth with a dental cap, also known as a dental crown. If the crown doesn’t help, he can perform root canal treatment. If these options do not restore your tooth and oral health, the tooth will need to be pulled out of place.

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