I started learning how to sketch and paint at the age of seven under the influence of R. S. Nikumbh while I grew up in Bombay. His style has had a profound effect on the way I look at subjects. Most of my initial artwork was pencil sketches and water color on paper with landscapes and people being the usual subjects. I started experimenting with oil paints around the age of 14. Still life was the major composition when I picked up oil paints. I have gone through a couple of national level courses in India where I trained in various techniques involving the use of instruments, learning some basic architectural drawing skills. After finishing my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering, I moved to Syracuse, NY, to pursuing my Master’s in computer engineering. Painting had taken a backseat through undergraduate and graduate studies. I would always have the pen/pencil sketches going while I got bored in lectures. However, I did not pick up on painting again till 2008 when I moved to Seattle for working with Microsoft. I currently am painting acrylics on canvases on varying size. Subjects have mostly been landscape and a couple of abstracts. I intend to do a series of oil-on-canvas and water color-on-paper soon.

I love painting different subjects and I am always looking to create something new and unique that appeals to people from different phases of life.